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Our school offers a diversity of Spanish programs to allow students to continue advancing and improving their Spanish literacy skills throughout the years.

Our Programs

Bilingual Preschool
Summer Program MUCHO MUCHO
K - 7th Group Classes
Private / Semi-Private 8th and High School Classes
Adult Classes
intheclass (6)
Teacher Training

Our School Philosophy

Dual Focus
We developed an integrated dual-focus curriculum that emphasizes higher-order thinking and language skills. Challenging students and fostering a holistic approach.
Teachers provide comprehensible input – concepts that relate to students’ interests and knowledge. We work in small groups teaming up to reach individual goals. Students are encouraged to ask questions and to share thoughts.
Learning Environment
Introducing new concepts and vocabulary utilizing teaching strategies that will ease student comprehension. Hands on activities, games, experiments, visual aids, songs, and books are part of our dynamic learning environment.
Making Connections
Acquiring Spanish language proficiency through everyday conversations, taking students’ classroom contributions and transforming them into an opportunity to learn new vocabulary. Building the bridges that connect two languages.