Our Team

We share a passion for learning and teaching, we recognize and value the importance of student autonomy, and we want to see every student succeed.

Meet Our Team

Teresa Villarreal

Our Director

Born and raised in Monterrey, Mexico. She moved to Austin, to complete her undergraduate studies in Business Administration. During her first year in this country, she was confronted with the challenge of completing her education while learning the English language. The leadership, dedication, and support that she found in her professors during this time, had a tremendous influence in her interest in the field of education.

After several years of business development experience in local and international ventures, finally, she had the opportunity to complete a Masters in Education with an emphasis in Bilingual and Bicultural Education at Texas State University.  And later, a Masters in Spanish Language and Culture at the Universidad de Salamanca, Spain.

Since the beginning of her studies in the field of education, she have been successfully teaching Spanish as a second language to students of all ages.

Managing her own Spanish program together with teaching in diverse settings has allowed her to acquire the best practices in education and create the environment that makes children, families, and teachers thrive. Her passion for learning and teaching is not easily found, and this passion is reflected here at Northwest Spanish School.

When she is not at school, she spends her time with what it is most important to her, her family, her husband Roberto, and two children Sebastian and Sara Sofia. She enjoys being involved with her community here in Cedar Park and Leander. Living here allows her to enjoy another of her passions, outdoor sports!